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Building Bridges


If you have a boy between 12 and 16, this is a hugely important time in his life as he is about to become a young man. This time only happens once and you need to be an active participant in it.

Acknowledging, celebrating and supporting this transition encourages young men to think about how they want to be, what is important to them and the lives they want to lead. We want him to be inspired and excited about life but how to help that happen is a much harder question.

This program is a fun and enjoyable honouring of the father-teen relationship, with emphasis on the young people. Participants are guided on a journey that deepens the relationship and supports them to make the vital changes required at this important developmental stage in the young person's life. Men and teens engage in a fun and rewarding adventure that includes games, storytelling & healthy camaraderie. Communication, understanding others and navigating difficult situations are just some of the valuable outcomes.

A safe and appropriate rite of passage is missing in our modern society. Boys need the support and guidance of older men to teach them respect, responsibility and guide them on their journey into manhood. Drinking, risk taking and other poor behaviours are the symptoms of boy's self- initiating, trying to prove to themselves and their friends that they are no longer boys.

Boys have an incredible hunger for spending meaningful time with their fathers and older men and Power House programs facilitate this beautifully.

Brothers are excited to announce we are running a Building Bridges Program on the 12th - 14th March 2021.

The club will be subsidising the cost normally $500, we have secured a group discount and along with the club subsidy you can attend for just $175 Father and Son Inclusive.

Don't miss this opportunity check out their web site for more info https://powerhouseprograms.com.au/programs/building-bridges/

"It's about building connections, connections with my dad and with others.
It's a place to really be yourself, it's really worthwhile."
(Fletcher, 16)

. Father and Son program (or significant male accompanying the boy)
. Beneficial to the entire family
. Supports an important developmental stage in your boy's life
. Harm - prevention program
. Focus on empowering healthier relationships between boys and fathers
. Exposing boys to a new depth of masculinity that they would not be exposed to anywhere else
. Faster than ever teenagers are growing into young adults and it is vital that they hear the stories and understand the experiences of older men. This supports them to grow up, stay safe and reach their full potential
. In the absence of this teenagers will receive lots of misinformation from peers and may seek acknowledgement in highly risky and unhealthy ways
. We are concerned about the messages your youth are receiving
. For boys aged 12 -16yrs
. Weekend program Fri 12/3/2021 (Dads only 3hrs) Sat and Sun (Boys and Men 6hrs each day)
. Professionally facilitated to provide a safe and positive experience for all
. Interactive, fun and challenging
. Boy's hear a variety of stories from older men
. Celebrates the generational differences and similarities between fathers and sons
. Providing easy-to-use real-world strategies to enhance relationships and manage real-life situations
. Supports a healthy transition of the father son relationship.
. Improves boy's self-esteem ad awareness
. Establishing and honouring boy's own voice amongst peers and adults
. Realising how much others have valuable contributions to my life, and vice versa
. Experiencing healthy and engaging masculine qualities
. Boys and men get to appreciate a more authentic expression of their natural power
. Boy's feel safe in an environment where they can express themselves honestly Dad's feel 'strangely 'comfortable and discover power in their own stories
. Sense of belonging and connection with other like-hearted men
. Deepening dynamic within community culture
. Fathers and sons learn from each other
. Fathers and other men return to their relationships and workplaces with greater awareness around parenting, communication and connecting with their sons and other young men
. Gives boys one on one time with father/older male figure
. Strengthens lines of communication between father and son
. Understanding and appreciating the family's history especially the male lineage
. Would you like to belong to a sporting club where boys have access to caring and compassionate young men and older men?
. Would you like your son to have greater confidence, self-esteem and a sense of his own authentic power?
. Would you like to see your son be able to honestly express himself outside of cultural norms?
. Imagine a sporting community that exhibits a depth of masculine relating beyond the surface niceties.
. Teenage boys spending time with older men supports mothers in their own transition from Mother of a dependant child to mother of an independent (healthy) young man.
. Can you afford not to do this (a child arrived just the other day, I am gunna be like you Dad)

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Season 2020 

Brothers JRLFC


Dear members

The committee have now finalised the Club’s return to play Covid-19 Plan and have developed a training schedule which will allow us to commence training during Stage 2 restrictions.  Training will start THIS WEEK unless your coaching staff decide otherwise. If you do not hear from your coach please reach out to find out where and when to be at training.

The committee will meet with Coaches/Managers on Monday afternoon to confirm the training protocols and team officials will communicate with their team the day and time for each training session and what is expected of each player/parent to ensure we adhere to the COVID-19 Safe Plan.   The training schedule will also be published on our website and social media pages.

During this time there are regulations we must follow to abide by the Queensland Health guidelines to allow us to train. It includes everyone at the venues – players, off-field personnel, spectators (including mums and dads).

We need all players and spectators to:

·                  Wash hands thoroughly with soap or an alcohol-based sanitiser on entry – each coach will be provided with hand sanitiser

·                  cover your coughs and sneezes and properly dispose of tissues.

·                  not share water bottles or towels.

·                  avoid touching your face / limit touching surfaces.

·                  not attend if you are unwell

·                  not attend if you have experienced respiratory symptoms (even mild).

On training nights, participants MUST

·                  wash or sanitise their hands prior to arriving at the venue.

·                  undertake non-contact activity only - skills training only (no tackling, wrestling or opposed activity is permitted).

·                  conduct training under the principle “get in, train, get out”.

·                  the club will refuse entry to any individual that presents with cold or flu like symptoms.

·                  maintain physical distancing protocols both on and off the field.

·                  your coach and manager will communicate where they would like the team to meet. As we have a number of entry points at Gibson Point it may be appropriate for you to use either the Stafford City entry, Lindley Street (Munro oval) or the Bowls Club end,

·                  Coaches/managers will record attendance and ensure participants confirm that they have no symptoms base on the attached check list.

·                  All other spectators must notify team officials to be added to the attendance record (or at the canteen on Thursday nights)

·                  ensure personal belongings are minimal and kept for individual use only (towels/water bottles).

·                  All teams will be responsible for cleaning and disinfecting any equipment and surfaces post training in their area including post pads.

As we do have a Venue Capacity limitation of 100 we ask that parents do not attend training (some exceptions will be made for our younger grades (U6 – U9).   We would appreciate you helping us by either doing a drop off pick up, heading to Stafford City for some shopping or remain in your vehicle. On Thursday night we have aimed to have between 80-90 players/officials in attendance at each timeslot in order to allow some flow through to the canteen. We would ask that parents please support the club as much as possible and buy dinner at the canteen. Until restrictions on numbers get lifted, this will mean taking your food/drinks away to consume. Hopefully next month this can change and we can have a socially distant beer, burger and chat on a Thursday night.

The QRL are working towards a return to play start date to coincide with the shift into Stage 3 restrictions, with the season finishing by mid Oct at the latest. We are still waiting for confirmation from the QRL for the exact dates and draws and will send out advice as soon as we know. At this stage it also looks as though we will be playing comes throughout the September/October school holidays. These dates may change with any change to government health guidelines so nothing will be set in stone. 

If you or your child is unwell please DO NOT send them to training. The Health, Safety and Wellbeing of all members is our priority to getting a successful season back up and running.

We will provide further information on what we need to do on game days once that is known fully, as things will likely change between now and then.

As we all know the last few months have been nothing like anything we have experienced before and the committee has been working hard to digest all the guidelines to be able to provide the necessary protocols to allow Brothers to play in 2020. We would like to thank you all for your patience and support during this time and can't wait to see you all at Gibson Park next week.

Thanks & Kind Regards

Terry O'Regan
Brothers Junior Rugby League Football Club Inc

Update on COVID-19 pandemic

To our Bothers Families,

Our President, Terry O'Regan has provided an update on what's happening with the footy season in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

 Some junior sports have suspended their seasons until May. These include Rugby Union and AFL, however Netball and Soccer and still proceeding for the moment. 
 We are proceeding as per normal until directed otherwise. Our governing body, the QRL, will be providing an update in the very near future.
 We have been presented with the following guidelines based around hygienic practices:

Personal Hygiene 
➡️ Players should only use personal water bottles. Sharing of team water bottles should be avoided. Where possible use paper cups and dispose.
➡️ Do not share towels or other toiletries. 
➡️ Have hand sanitiser readily available and wash hands on a regular basis (30 second minimum). 
➡️ Sterilise training equipment, gyms and other club facilities where possible. 
➡️ Avoid using club showers or amenities unless they are sterilised after each use. 
➡️ Participants should bring a change of clothes for post games and training. Participants should avoid being in sweaty clothing for long periods. 
➡️ Reduce unnecessary contact. E.g. Hand shaking, kissing, hugging. 
➡️ Any participant or volunteer that is presenting cold or flu symptoms must self-isolate and seek immediate medical advice.

Any questions please let us know. Any further direction will be communicated immediately.

Thanks to our volunteers for attending our Working Bee on the weekend.

‘Thank you’ to each and every volunteer who came to Gibson Park this morning to give their time in the Working Bee this past Sunday morning. this past Sunday morning.

We know how precious your time is, especially Sunday mornings!   Our Brothers Club, like most other Clubs are run on Volunteers.  We appreciate the time you were able to give!

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Presidents report photo

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U10  Gordon  Tallis  Cup PHOTO

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