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Draw - 4 to 6 September 2020

Draw - 4 to 6  September 2020

This week's draw

Good afternoon

Below is this week's draw.

Don't forget Saturday afternoon at Gibson is the annual Down Syndrome Cup.   All funds raised from our raffles will go to the Down Syndrome Association.  Please come along and support this wonderful cause.  Opens 3 kick off at 1.30pm followed by the Cup at 3pm.  

Enjoy your weekend.Draw - 29 and 30  August 2020

Team Photos this week - Wednesday 26th & Thursday 27th August, 2020


Below is the schedule for team photos which will be taken next Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Please have your teams ready 5 minutes before your allocated time at the bottom of the stairs. Please have them in full uniform including boots.

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Saturday 29/08/2020 - Down Syndrome Charity Cup 2020

The annual Down Syndrome Charity Cup 2020 is being played at Gibson Park. All the excitement of a double header for our Brothers Opens teams. Each year we have held the Charity Cup and raised much needed funds for Down Syndrome research & support.

Every year is a great afternoon & this year we are so pleased to still be able to go ahead.

We have our COVIDSafe plan in place, hand sanitiser and hand washing facilities. As spectators, please ensure you sign in via the EVA app or at the canteen on the sign in sheet. 

Games on the day will be:
Opens - 1:30pm
Opens - 3pm

A cash bar will be available, meat tray raffles, hot food at the canteen & great footy to watch. Show your support and settle in for a great afternoon of entertainment. 

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Player Registration 2020 Season

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Updated Training Schedule - Back to Tuesdays and Thursday family Night!!

Hi Everyone,

With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions we're back to Tuesday and Thursday training nights.

We still have to run a schedule to comply with current restrictions but we can now get Thursday Family Night back!

Tuesday 5:00pm 6:00pm U13 - Chris & John Hickey - South
  5:00pm 6:00pm U13 - Matt Hickey - North
  5:00pm 6:00pm U14 - Matt Munro - North
  5:00pm 6:00pm U14 - Dennis Munro - South
  6:10pm 7:10pm U15 Hickey
  6:10pm 7:10pm Open - Damo Munro - South
  6:10pm 7:10pm Open - Coogs Munro - North
Thursday 5:00pm 5:55pm U6 Alroe - North
  5:00pm 5:55pm U7 - Mark Donaldson - North
  5:00pm 5:55pm U7 - Chris Donaldson - North
  5:00pm 6:00pm U8 - Ben Donaldson - South
  5:00pm 6:00pm U8 - Steve Donaldson - South
  5:00pm 6:00pm U8 - Damien Munro - South
  5:00pm 5:55pm U8 - Alddon Munro - South
  5:00pm 5:55pm U9 - Ross Hickey - North
  5:00pm 5:55pm U9 - Stephen Hickey - North
  5:00pm 5:55pm U10 - Terry Munro - North
  5:00pm 5:55pm U10 - Paul Alroe - South
  5:00pm 6:00pm U11 Hickey - South
  6:05pm 7:00pm U12 Alroe - North
  6:05pm 7:00pm U13 - Chris & John Donaldson - South
  6:05pm 7:00pm U13 - Matt Alroe - North
  6:05pm 7:00pm U14 - Matt Hickey - North
  6:05pm 7:00pm U14 - Dennis Donaldson - North
  6:05pm 7:00pm U15 Hickey - South
  6:05pm 7:00pm Open - Damo Munro - South
  6:05pm 7:00pm Open - Coogs Munro - North


Season 2020 

Brothers JRLFC


Dear members

The committee have now finalised the Club’s return to play Covid-19 Plan and have developed a training schedule which will allow us to commence training during Stage 2 restrictions.  Training will start THIS WEEK unless your coaching staff decide otherwise. If you do not hear from your coach please reach out to find out where and when to be at training.

The committee will meet with Coaches/Managers on Monday afternoon to confirm the training protocols and team officials will communicate with their team the day and time for each training session and what is expected of each player/parent to ensure we adhere to the COVID-19 Safe Plan.   The training schedule will also be published on our website and social media pages.

During this time there are regulations we must follow to abide by the Queensland Health guidelines to allow us to train. It includes everyone at the venues – players, off-field personnel, spectators (including mums and dads).

We need all players and spectators to:

·                  Wash hands thoroughly with soap or an alcohol-based sanitiser on entry – each coach will be provided with hand sanitiser

·                  cover your coughs and sneezes and properly dispose of tissues.

·                  not share water bottles or towels.

·                  avoid touching your face / limit touching surfaces.

·                  not attend if you are unwell

·                  not attend if you have experienced respiratory symptoms (even mild).

On training nights, participants MUST

·                  wash or sanitise their hands prior to arriving at the venue.

·                  undertake non-contact activity only - skills training only (no tackling, wrestling or opposed activity is permitted).

·                  conduct training under the principle “get in, train, get out”.

·                  the club will refuse entry to any individual that presents with cold or flu like symptoms.

·                  maintain physical distancing protocols both on and off the field.

·                  your coach and manager will communicate where they would like the team to meet. As we have a number of entry points at Gibson Point it may be appropriate for you to use either the Stafford City entry, Lindley Street (Munro oval) or the Bowls Club end,

·                  Coaches/managers will record attendance and ensure participants confirm that they have no symptoms base on the attached check list.

·                  All other spectators must notify team officials to be added to the attendance record (or at the canteen on Thursday nights)

·                  ensure personal belongings are minimal and kept for individual use only (towels/water bottles).

·                  All teams will be responsible for cleaning and disinfecting any equipment and surfaces post training in their area including post pads.

As we do have a Venue Capacity limitation of 100 we ask that parents do not attend training (some exceptions will be made for our younger grades (U6 – U9).   We would appreciate you helping us by either doing a drop off pick up, heading to Stafford City for some shopping or remain in your vehicle. On Thursday night we have aimed to have between 80-90 players/officials in attendance at each timeslot in order to allow some flow through to the canteen. We would ask that parents please support the club as much as possible and buy dinner at the canteen. Until restrictions on numbers get lifted, this will mean taking your food/drinks away to consume. Hopefully next month this can change and we can have a socially distant beer, burger and chat on a Thursday night.

The QRL are working towards a return to play start date to coincide with the shift into Stage 3 restrictions, with the season finishing by mid Oct at the latest. We are still waiting for confirmation from the QRL for the exact dates and draws and will send out advice as soon as we know. At this stage it also looks as though we will be playing comes throughout the September/October school holidays. These dates may change with any change to government health guidelines so nothing will be set in stone. 

If you or your child is unwell please DO NOT send them to training. The Health, Safety and Wellbeing of all members is our priority to getting a successful season back up and running.

We will provide further information on what we need to do on game days once that is known fully, as things will likely change between now and then.

As we all know the last few months have been nothing like anything we have experienced before and the committee has been working hard to digest all the guidelines to be able to provide the necessary protocols to allow Brothers to play in 2020. We would like to thank you all for your patience and support during this time and can't wait to see you all at Gibson Park next week.

Thanks & Kind Regards

Terry O'Regan
Brothers Junior Rugby League Football Club Inc

Update on COVID-19 pandemic

To our Bothers Families,

Our President, Terry O'Regan has provided an update on what's happening with the footy season in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

 Some junior sports have suspended their seasons until May. These include Rugby Union and AFL, however Netball and Soccer and still proceeding for the moment. 
 We are proceeding as per normal until directed otherwise. Our governing body, the QRL, will be providing an update in the very near future.
 We have been presented with the following guidelines based around hygienic practices:

Personal Hygiene 
➡️ Players should only use personal water bottles. Sharing of team water bottles should be avoided. Where possible use paper cups and dispose.
➡️ Do not share towels or other toiletries. 
➡️ Have hand sanitiser readily available and wash hands on a regular basis (30 second minimum). 
➡️ Sterilise training equipment, gyms and other club facilities where possible. 
➡️ Avoid using club showers or amenities unless they are sterilised after each use. 
➡️ Participants should bring a change of clothes for post games and training. Participants should avoid being in sweaty clothing for long periods. 
➡️ Reduce unnecessary contact. E.g. Hand shaking, kissing, hugging. 
➡️ Any participant or volunteer that is presenting cold or flu symptoms must self-isolate and seek immediate medical advice.

Any questions please let us know. Any further direction will be communicated immediately.

Thanks to our volunteers for attending our Working Bee on the weekend.

‘Thank you’ to each and every volunteer who came to Gibson Park this morning to give their time in the Working Bee this past Sunday morning. this past Sunday morning.

We know how precious your time is, especially Sunday mornings!   Our Brothers Club, like most other Clubs are run on Volunteers.  We appreciate the time you were able to give!

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Presidents report photo

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IMG 4811
U10  Gordon  Tallis  Cup PHOTO

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Last updated 5 Aug 2020
1. Munro Oval (International)Open
2. Alroe Oval (Mod)Open
3. Hickey Oval (International)Open
4. Donaldson OvalOpen
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